Another Top 10 OSHA List: Machine Guarding

June 22, 2020

Machine guarding appears number eight on OSHA’s 2019 top ten list of most frequently violated standards. Machine guarding received citations for 1,743 violations in 2019. Approximately 18,000 injuries and 800 fatalities occur each year from machinery operations that often lack proper or inadequate guarding.  

Today, machinery-related injuries exist as some of the worst in the industry. Workers become caught in machines and can suffer severe injuries such as crushed arms, legs, severed fingers, even blindness. Some are even killed. These injuries can be prevented with the proper use of machine guards.

The average total cost to a business for a workplace amputation is estimated at $133,000, $111,000 for a crush injury, and $95,000 for a fracture. The injured employee also incurs time away from work. Any type of machine operation injury can be detrimental to the employee and employer. Taking a few extra steps to ensure employees are properly trained and equipment meets safety standards can help reduce injury. The end result saves time and money.