Working together for the greater good. AlaCOMP Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Fund has been applying its teamwork-oriented approach to the business of workers’ compensation insurance since 1992. By coordinating the efforts of its Underwriting, Loss Control and Claims Management Departments, AlaCOMP provides members with comprehensive service that lowers costs and reduces risks.

AlaCOMP is comprised of experienced professionals who understand that each task builds on the next. Our Loss Control Department works side-by-side with our Underwriting Department on risk selection and review. Case loads are kept low so that adjusters can manage their claims quickly and efficiently. When it comes to handling claims, special attention is paid to the coordination of employer, employee, doctor and claims adjuster. All of these efforts come together in the end to provide favorable, positive results.

The benefits of working with AlaCOMP are evident in the services we provide:

  • Medical bill reduction and cost containment
  • On-site investigation of questionable claims
  • Up-to-date claims data provided to employers throughout the claims process
  • Stringent loss control programs emphasizing OSHA compliance
  • Safety education and program implementation
  • Monthly newsletters and quarterly seminars on all aspects of workers’ compensation

With AlaCOMP, you have a proven entity that provides industry leading workers’ compensation solutions for your business. Don’t just insure. Be sure – with AlaCOMP.