With AlaCOMP, quality service does not just come into play when an injury occurs. We’re there for our members before and after such incidents. We start by working with management on a comprehensive training and education program to reduce the likelihood of accidents to ensure that everyone is fully aware of their rights in the event of an injury. In the event of an injury, AlaCOMP is there with prompt claims investigation and an aggressive return-to-work program.

Claims Process

Some aspects of our claims process include:

  • A prompt Three-Point Contact: Within 48 hours of the receipt of a claim, our adjuster will contact employer to confirm incident details, contact injured employee to collect information on the accident and any complaints, current symptoms and medical status. AlaCOMP will manage the process every step of the way.
  • Medical Cost Containment: We will help employers establish the medical protocol, including the designation of the Treating Doctor handling the initial medical treatment and any necessary referrals. Medical bills will be adjudicated to the prevailing state fee schedule.
  • Modified Return-to-Work Programs: Realizing that the employer’s most valuable assets are the employees, AlaCOMP works to establish return-to-work programs that reinforce the self-worth and self-esteem of the employees. These programs seek to provide support during recuperation.
  • ISO Claims Search: An ISO Claims Search is conducted on all lost time claims. This is used for evaluation and subrogration purposes, the determination of the employee’s claim history and the determination of any prior permanent/partial disability ratings.
  • Fraud: Workers’ compensation fraud is a Class C Felony. AlaCOMP aggressively investigates claims cases for potential fraud.
  • Post Accident Drug Testing: Positive test results from post-accident drug testing can have a drastic effect on workers’ compensation indemnity benefits. Drug tests must meet federal requirements, and must be administered within 24 hours of the on-the-job injury. Such tests can be used to determine that drug impairment was the proximate cause of the on-the-job injury. AlaCOMP will pay for any such tests as long as they are conducted within 24 hours of the incident.

If you have any questions or need help with a claim, contact us by email.