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  • OSHA Update - COVID-19

    September 08, 2020
    As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is seeing a significant increase in COVID-19 related employee complaints. The complaints generally focus on these specific areas: Employers not following CDC social distancing guidelines Employers not requiring face coverings per CDC recommendations Employers not regularly cleansing the facility per CDC guidelines Employers failing to utilize contact tracing following a positive…

  • Lawn Mower Safety

    September 01, 2020
    Although many users have years of mowing experience, sometimes safety precautions are overlooked. The results can be dangerous.  Staying aware of sight conditions, knowing your machine and constantly being alert can help you avoid accidents and injury.  Of course, every operator should always refer to the operator's manual for routine maintenance schedules and safety tips.  Here are some general mower-safety guidelines to help get you started. Before Mowing…

  • Proper Techniques: Lifting, Pushing & Pulling

    September 01, 2020
    About 1/3 of workplace injuries cause harm to the shoulder or back which is mostly related to lifting heavy items.  One of the best ways to protect yourself from bodily harm when lifting, pushing or pulling is to use proper equipment, technique or ask for help.  Take the time to examine the object and know your personal limits. Always ask for help if the object exceeds your limit.  It has been shown that items over about 50 pounds are too heavy…

  • Medical Protocol

    July 28, 2020
    Having a medical protocol in place is a step that can help make an injury on the job not as painful as it may seem.  We highly recommend that all companies have a medical protocol in place not only to make it easy for you the employer but to also allow your employees to have the knowledge of where to go if an injury occurs.   What is a Medical Protocol? A medical protocol outlines steps for an employee if they get injured. It helps to have a medical physician that is…

  • General Construction Safety

    July 23, 2020
    Serious injury or death is a risk when a construction worker steps foot on a job site.  Hazards can exist in manySerious injury or death is a risk when a construction worker steps foot on a job site.  Hazards can exist in many places, from ladders and scaffolding to powers tools and heavy machinery.  All workers on a construction site must work together to prevent injury and death, from the foreman all the way down the work chain.  Everyone is…

  • Another Top 10 OSHA List: Machine Guarding

    June 22, 2020
    Machine guarding appears number eight on OSHA’s 2019 top ten list of most frequently violated standards. Machine guarding received citations for 1,743 violations in 2019. Approximately 18,000 injuries and 800 fatalities occur each year from machinery operations that often lack proper or inadequate guarding.   Today, machinery-related injuries exist as some of the worst in the industry. Workers become caught in machines and can suffer severe injuries such as crushed arms, legs,…

  • Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe

    June 09, 2020
    No matter the type of work environment, safety rules should always exist. The company’s primary objective is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Each employee should become familiar with, and follow, all general and department safety rules.  Most accidents can be prevented if everyone uses assigned safety equipment and follows safety rules. The type of business will determine necessary general and operating safety…

  • Avoiding Pinch Points

    May 21, 2020
    Pinch points are points where a person could get caught between a machine and its moving or stationary parts or other materials. Often pinch-point injuries are the result of untrained or improperly trained workers who do not realize the dangers of machinery. Workers take shortcuts to get the work done more quickly, often resulting in injury. Never perform a task without proper training. Taking shortcuts or bypassing procedures could become serious. Some pinch points are obvious. Other pinch…

  • 6 Steps for LOTO Procedure

    May 07, 2020
    For equipment or machines with stored energy, LOTO procedures are mandatory along with how to release the equipment from the lockout/tagout. These procedures can help safeguard employees from hazardous energy release.   Below is a brief outline of the steps for a proper LOTO procedure, shutting the machine/equipment down for maintenance and then releasing LOTO once maintenance is completed. Implementing these procedures can help prevent accidents during repair or maintenance. Prepare…

  • Opening Alabama - Phase 1

    April 30, 2020
    As of April 30 at 5:00 PM, there will be a limited amount of businesses in Alabama allowed to reopen with specific guidelines.  As we are all focused on the proper protection and social distancing, we also need to remember there are other safety issues that we can encounter within a day of work.  Below are a few reminders and recommendations to help you with reopening your business to ensure the safety of your employees and customers/patients to stay safe from COVID-19 as…

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