AlaCOMP provides news and OSHA Updates to all members. Each entry is packed with vital safety tips, updates to claims processes and information on the annual seminar devoted to safety and workers’ compensation subjects.

  • Safety Signs and Awareness in the Workplace

    December 01, 2020
    When developing an effective safety program, it is important to understand the “Hierarchy of Controls”.  These are the types of hazard controls ranging from the most effective type of control to the least effective type of control in the following order:  elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Usually the most effective form of controlling hazards is by using a combination of multiple…

  • Chemical Safety

    November 17, 2020
    Chemicals are one of the major hazards in the workplace and a chemical safety program should be in place where hazardous substances are used.  Chemical hazards and toxic substances present a wide range of health and physical hazards.  Creating and maintaining a chemical safety program can not only help to prevent accidents and injuries to employees but may also avert any OSHA penalties due to lack of compliance.   Maintaining a proper chemical safety program…

  • Restaurant Safety Tips

    November 10, 2020
    Cutting and dicing foods are a daily occurrence for most restaurants.  Items such as knives, slicers and grinders can be the culprits for a number of the injuries in a restaurant.  Broken dishes and glasses are very common to cause injuries as well.  There are a few measures that can be taken to help in avoiding these types of injuries: Cut Resistant Gloves Sharpening the equipment to improve performance and cut down employee fatigue Training for proper cutting…

  • Emergency Action Plans

    October 23, 2020
    Employers should have an active emergency action plan in place so that in the event of an emergency situation such as an accidental chemical release, severe weather or fire, employees will have an understanding of the proper measures to follow so that the situation can be navigated as safely as possible.  Since we are in the month of October and fresh off the heels of fire prevention week, we will touch on emergency actions plans as they pertain to a fire emergency in the…

  • AlaCOMP Introduces New Multi-State Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

    October 19, 2020
    AlaCOMP Introduces New Multi-State Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage Montgomery,  AL  - October 20,2020 AlaCOMP, a Montgomery-based Alabama Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund, is now offering multi-state coverage for existing members as well as new clients. The new coverage option offers workers’ compensation solutions in all states, excluding New York. The multi-state program is cost-effective, providing a seamless solution for business owners with the…

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

    October 15, 2020
    An often overlooked but important part of any organization’s safety and compliance training is fire extinguisher training.  Fire extinguisher training should be performed for any employee who would be expected to utilize a fire extinguisher for an incident stage fire.  Training should be done at initial employment and annually thereafter.  The training should include: Communicating the difference between the different types of fires and fire extinguishers.…

  • Fire Prevention Week

    October 06, 2020
    Fire Prevention Week 2020 runs from Sunday, October 4th through Saturday, October 10th.  Fire Prevention Week is observed annually during the week of October 9th to commemorate the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.  Fire Prevention Week was made a national observance in 1925 by proclamation from then President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.  Fire Prevention Week is the longest running public health initiative in the United States.  The weeklong…

  • OSHA Update - COVID-19

    September 08, 2020
    As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is seeing a significant increase in COVID-19 related employee complaints. The complaints generally focus on these specific areas: Employers not following CDC social distancing guidelines Employers not requiring face coverings per CDC recommendations Employers not regularly cleansing the facility per CDC guidelines Employers failing to utilize contact tracing following a positive…

  • Lawn Mower Safety

    September 01, 2020
    Although many users have years of mowing experience, sometimes safety precautions are overlooked. The results can be dangerous.  Staying aware of sight conditions, knowing your machine and constantly being alert can help you avoid accidents and injury.  Of course, every operator should always refer to the operator's manual for routine maintenance schedules and safety tips.  Here are some general mower-safety guidelines to help get you started. Before Mowing…

  • Proper Techniques: Lifting, Pushing & Pulling

    September 01, 2020
    About 1/3 of workplace injuries cause harm to the shoulder or back which is mostly related to lifting heavy items.  One of the best ways to protect yourself from bodily harm when lifting, pushing or pulling is to use proper equipment, technique or ask for help.  Take the time to examine the object and know your personal limits. Always ask for help if the object exceeds your limit.  It has been shown that items over about 50 pounds are too heavy…

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