Recently I met with James Hallford for our regular quarterly conference.  It was a pleasure to meet with Mr. Hallford to discuss and update him on our safety progress.  Mr. Hallford is very knowledgeable, and I appreciate his experience and high level of customer service.

There are others that I would like to mention that exhibit a high-level of expertise and customer service above and beyond.  The following represents the “Best of the Best”.

Evelyn Thomas – Mrs. Thomas represents your company with “outstanding” knowledge in the areas of workers compensation claims, state/federal laws, and guidance.  Mrs. Thomas is very responsive to our needs.

Ramona Lavoie – Ms. Lavoie has been a significant help with our safety education programs and resources.  She keeps us on track with educational information for our employees.  In addition, she coordinates training programs and seminars.  Ms. Lavoie is always there when we need her.

Wayne Currie – I value the knowledge and experience that Mr. Currie represents.  He truly cares about the customer and their needs.  Mr. Currie represents the highest level of knowledge in safety programs that benefit companies throughout the state.  He is an effective leader, and a fantastic speaker/facilitator at safety training and conferences.

Stephen, you should be proud of such a wonderful team of dedicated employees.  They all represent you and your company well, and are truly role models for others to follow.

I appreciate you and the services offered by your organization.


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