Lawn Mower Safety

September 01, 2020

Although many users have years of mowing experience, sometimes safety precautions are overlooked. The results can be dangerous.  Staying aware of sight conditions, knowing your machine and constantly being alert can help you avoid accidents and injury.  Of course, every operator should always refer to the operator's manual for routine maintenance schedules and safety tips.  Here are some general mower-safety guidelines to help get you started.

Before Mowing

  • Dress for the job - Do not wear loose-fitting clothes or jewelry which can get caught or hung up on a machine and cause injury.
  • Know your machine - Every machine includes unique features so read your operator's manual to familiarize yourself with your machine.
  • Conduct Daily Inspections - Every machine includes unique features so read your operator's manual to familiarize yourself with your machine.
  • Proper Training – ensure each employee operating the machine is properly trained before use.

During Mowing

  • Know your surroundings – To avoid injury to yourself or others, pay attention to people around you.
  • Avoid rubbing objects - When mowing, keep a safe distance from trees and other landscape features.
  • Be extra careful on slopes - Always mow up and down slopes; never mow across slopes.

After Mowing

  • Shut down before performing maintenance - Refer to your operator's manual for proper shutdown procedures.
  • Perform routine maintenance - Preventive maintenance is key to your machine's longevity. 
  • Tend to repairs immediately -  If your machine requires any repairs, tend to them immediately. 
  • Maintain recommended maintenance schedule - Refer to your operator's manual for routine daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance procedures.  Keeping your machine in top condition can help you increase your productivity and decrease any risk of injuries.

Workers operating riding mowers face serious safety issues.  Employers need to make sure that the equipment in use is designed and maintained with safety in mind.  The employers must make sure that workers are trained properly and know to avoid hazardous surroundings.  Finally, the employers must ensure that mowing operations are performed safely.