4 Step Emergency Plan

April 01, 2020

A formal company-wide emergency plan that applies to any type of emergency is highly recommended. Not only does it provide a procedure for employees in case of an emergency, the plan also shows the business’ investment to keep employees safe.

Below find a 4 Step Emergency Plan every business should implement:

  • Build a Team:  put together a working team and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each member. Also, as quickly as possible, discuss a potential budget for any additional items needed to help keep employees safe and the company up and running.
  • Analyze capabilities and hazards:  understand what emergencies the company might encounter. First, look at current plans in place. Then, identify the need for backup systems and internal resources the company may need.
  • Develop the Action Plan: both management and the emergency team work together to define the purpose of the plan, emergencies that may occur, responsibilities of employees and action needed in case of an emergency. This step should outline how to respond to an emergency upon occurrence. A checklist should be provided to employees.
  • Implement the Plan: exercise the plan during an emergency. Train employees before an emergency occurs; practice, evaluate and modify the plan.  

After implementation of a formal emergency plan, conduct an audit of the entire plan at least once per year.

For more detailed information on an emergency plan, click here for the Emergency Management Guide.