For information that governs your policy, please consult with your insurance agent.

Employer/Agent Questions:

What is the address for sending payments?
Department B
P O Box 830520
Birmingham, AL 35283

When is my payment due?
All payments are due on the first day of the month.

Is there a reinstatement fee if my policy terminates?
Yes, $75, if the policy is terminated and then reinstated without a break in coverage.

When can I include an officer that is currently excluded?
Officers can only be included for the next annual policy period beginning January 1st.

Do you waive subrogation and what is the cost?
We waive subrogation by endorsement. The cost is $25.00 for specific waivers and $250.00 for blanket waivers.

Will you offer coverage to a former member after a termination or break in coverage?
Yes. We offer quotes to former members, provided prior obligations are satisfied and claims experience is satisfactory.


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